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Step # 1

Requirements Definition

It’s impossible to find the right solution without analyzing all the necessary data. Our team collects information about the customer’s business, project, all competitors, target audience, its’ interests and wishes. We sort out every detail for researching the problem and giving the inspiration. Knowing all that information, we can offer the most efficient design. We are absolutely sure that good design it’s not only creative work. Requirements definition is the basic step on the way to the professional design.

design process step 1
Design Process Step 2 - Wireframing
Step # 2


Wireframe design is a sketch model or a concept of the final design of a website, an application or a graphic design. That step helps to brainstorm the ideas and understand how effectively we use all information that has been collected before. Wireframe has all blocks, buttons, headlines and calls to actions. But there are no images or colours on that step.

The prototype design is a final phase before presenting the ideas to the customer. We make an interactive wireframe design to show the client how it works.

Design Process Step 2 - Wireframing 2
Step #3
Step # 3

Feedback & Revision

At this step, the customer can evaluate the designers’ ideas and make adjustments where necessary. Gathering customer’s feedback is very important for us because it helps to point on mistakes or unnecessary blocks and information and correct the wireframe. Objective feedback and revisions – that's the key to success.

Design Process Step 3 - Feedback and Revision
Design Process Step 4 - Interactive Prototyping
Step # 4

Interactive Prototyping

An interactive prototype is a highly detailed representation of the final product. It simulates user interaction with the interface. Testing and evaluating the design helps to check the requirements and specifications more carefully. After the design prototyping we answer the next questions: Does the design look good? Is it clear and intuitively? How well the design works? Is it adequate?

Step # 5

UI Design + UI Animation

UI (user interface) design is the process of making the final version of the website or application design that the visitor or user will communicate with. The main goal of UI design is to create an intuitive product that will be simple and clear for every user. Our professional team has a huge experience in such work. Moreover, we will create a UI design animation for demonstrating all the effects and capabilities of the design. UI animation is a demo live video to help developers understand how it should work after implementation.

Completed Design

After all these steps the customer will get a completed design. You may be absolutely sure that your clients will like it and want to use as long as possible.

Design Process Step 5 - UI Design and UI Animation


A picture's worth a thousand words. So we offer you to look at our examples in the portfolio and then discuss the details of your project

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