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Cairy is a social network platform for people with different types of addictions such as alcoholism or drug addiction. Being a mobile native app for iOS and Android, it provides a group therapy service for participants and allows them to communicate, share personal stories, and get support from the community helping to stay sober.

Cairy Case Project


The customer came to us with the existing specifications and ideas. They had their own vision and our task was to develop a UI/UX for the application based on these specifications and select the optimal colours. It took us a long time to search for the right colours, considering that the client’s competitors had already solved this problem and used a good palette. Also, it was up to us to develop a catchy icon for the app.

Cairy Case Challenges


We created a user-friendly, simple design for the social network. We decided to make the chaste design so that it looked appealing to users who come to the platform searching for help to get sober. The app has a messenger and provides group video calls; to implement them efficiently, we used principles of existing standard solutions.

Feed & Video Chat
Cairy Case Solution Feed & VideoChat
Messages & User Profile
Cairy Case Solution Messages & User Profile
Event & Therapist Details
Cairy Case Solution Event and Therapist details
Event List & Requests
Cairy Case Solution Event List & Requests


We collaborated with the mobile development team to create an appealing and user-friendly design that meets the main idea of the project – to help people to reach their goals of getting over their addictions and start a new life. Numerous app users’ reviews prove that our efforts were a success.


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