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PerceptiLabs is a Swedish startup which developed a desktop application for building neural networks. The goal of the project is to make AI and neural networks accessible and as simple as possible for everyone.

PerceptiLabs Case Description


The client wanted to redesign their app and showed us an MVP version of the product. Their AI modelling and visualization tool was great and deserved a proper visual design to bring joy to the user while working with the application.

PerceptiLabs Case Challenge


We completely redesigned the colour palette and added a number of UX features, for example, a possibility to create multiple workspaces and switch among them. The app has 2 main windows in which users work: Workspace and Statistic Dashboard. While building an AI model, users can work with Operations or Ingredients of AI model, Toolbar, Layers in a Project menu. Since the main activity takes place at the workspaces where the number of blocks can be several hundred, we added a mini-map for quick navigation.

PerceptiLabs Case Solutions 1
PerceptiLabs Case layers solutions 2

The client wanted to add an internal collaboration tool, so we decided to integrate some features from Redmine and combine them with the Adobe Photoshop library. Now the AI modelling tool has a library which includes elements of the project and subgroups of elements. The “eye” icon allows users to navigate to an object in the workspace in one click. Users can also protect any element of the project from moving or deleting by clicking on the “lock” icon.

PerceptiLabs Case Solutions 3


We also added a collaboration tool for workspaces “Search for items through search and filters”. Using the menu at the top, users can:

PerceptiLabs Case layers 1
PerceptiLabs Case layers 2
PerceptiLabs Case layers 3
PerceptiLabs Case layers 4
PerceptiLabs Case layers 5
PerceptiLabs Case layers 6
PerceptiLabs Case layers 7


With a new design, a working process became more convenient and faster. The user feels confident about navigation and switching among the projects. The redesigned desktop app helps to build, train and analyze AI with a simple drag and drop.


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