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VisBook AS is a software company with over 700 customers in Norway and abroad. It provides a widely used online booking and administration platform for all kinds of tourism companies.

The company requested to revamp the booking engine of the platform. The old version didn’t meet the needs of businesses with a growing range of services. Along with the front-end solutions, we needed to craft and implement some crucial UX, UI and design insights.

Here’s a snapshot of the time-worn booking engine design.

Visbook banner - 1


The most intricate challenge was to offer the UX and UI solutions that would support customer flow. The platform provides multiple features available via menu sections, drop-down boxes, buttons, links, etc. So all the functions had to be clearly distinguished with colour, typography and other design tools.

Also, the booking engine had to fit any website of a tourism company. If its design would drastically differ from the one of a webpage, it could disrupt the customer flow and damage the credibility of the service.

Desktop Wireframes

Visbook challenges banner 2
Visbook banner - 2.1 Challenges
Mobile Wireframes
Visbook banner - 2.2 Challenges


We provided the simple, clear and uncluttered design solutions to arrange the multiple features of the booking engine.

The UX was crafted as a concise structure, so a user could take the minimum of steps to perform their operations. We deliberately chose the most suitable Google Fonts and contrasting colours for every piece of functionality. Needless to say, the booking engine has been adapted for multiple devices, so any drop-down box or menu section would fit the screen.

We also suggested the booking engine would provide several design options for websites. So, a tourism company working with the VisBook platform could choose a theme that fits their web page. We selected the best options after the in-depth research of the trends in the web design within the tourism and related industries.

Visbook case solutions banner 1
Main Page
Search Process
Visbook case solutions banner main search process
User Profile & Booking Process
Visbook case solutions banner User Profile Booking Process
Mobile Version
Visbook case solutions banner mobile version


Our team redesigned the booking engine from scratch – we didn’t use any elements of the previous design. We built the UX and UI with a clear and concise intention to enhance the customer journey. The brand-new design solutions fully supported the revamped VisBook platform.

It was a great challenge of delivering the design solution for a top-notch company. What’s your design challenge? Let us know so we could assist you.

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