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Logo Design SSA


The main goal of branding is to create consumer demand for goods and services. It is possible due to the correct promotion of the company or increasing brand awareness. Our specialists have been creating branding production for more than 5 years. We immerse ourselves in client’s business goals and target audience to create a brand identity. In the meantime, we divide the whole process into several steps:

  • Analysis of company’s goals and potential target audience.
  • Creating a logo and mascots.
  • Creating corporate identity (business cards, correspondence, banners, branded clothes, etc.).
  • Brandbook creation.

For us, branding is a set of activities aimed at creating a holistic image of the product claimed by the consumer.

Branding SSA


Any object is represented as an icon in the operating system interface. So icon development is useful for a quick search for the necessary program or application. If a custom icon is designed qualitatively, the user will immediately guess its functionality, even without reading the description.
SSA Design has extensive experience in creating custom icons. We are absolutely sure that every icon must be presented with concise graphics elements. The palette should be sustained in a common stylistic way. Our designers will advise the best decisions for your project. If you want to pay attention, we advise you to choose a red color. The blue color will be good for icons for business applications and programs. Anyway, we will create something unique and effective for your project.


Icons Design SSA


A banner is a graphic, static or animated ad block, “clicking” on which the user hits the page of the advertised website. The banner should correspond to the image of the company, and its visual design should make the visitors want to learn more about the advertised product. More than five years our team creates Flash, graphics and HTML-banners, which attracts attention and provide information to customers. Our designers have established requirements in the process of creating the banner design:

  • It should be aesthetic and visually appealing.
  • Attract the attention of the customer.
  • To interest the customer.
  • Encourage to certain acts.

Well-done banners are the key to success for your business.

Banners Design SSA


A picture's worth a thousand words. So we offer you to look at our examples in the portfolio and then discuss the details of your project

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