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Mobile Design

Mobile UI design should be clear, simple and exceed the expectations of users’.

According to statistics, 25% of all downloaded applications worldwide are accessed only once after installing. It means that for your mobile app success, you should attract and keep a mobile user’s attention from the very first seconds. That is why the custom mobile design is crucial for all mobile app development process. A designer’s primary goal is to create not only an attractive user interface but make it effective and meeting the growing users’ demands. Our professional team has extensive experience and can offer the best mobile design development. Following Apple and Android design guidelines, we pay attention to every detail because we realize the responsibility of that work.

Mobile Design SSA

Web Design

Professional Web UI Design helps to present your products and services to your target audience in the best light.

0.05 seconds. According to statistics, that is quite enough time for deciding whether to stay on the website or close it. For over 75% of users, a web app design is the first criterion for measuring a company’s reliability. If your website’s design doesn’t bring visual joy to user, looks poor and unattractive, it can be a fatal mistake in your fight for the client. Our website design company has been creating a UI design for websites for more than five years. We have a great experience in making Web UI design for landing pages, e-commerce websites, marketplaces, corporate portals, etc. We know what it should be like to let the users feel free and comfortable on the site. Order our website design services and get the professional approach of our specialists to your project.

Web Design SSA

Desktop Software

Desktop app UI design should be effective and eye pleasant at the same time. We know how to balance between these two features and present the best solution.

Desktop apps are generally used for work; it is not a category that can be downloaded for fun. That’s why desktop app users expect to see an attractive and elaborate desktop application UI design allowing to work efficiently every single day. It means that for an application not enough to be functional if nobody understands how to use it. Effective desktop app UI design is unnoticed by users, but they feel comfortable using the application and understand all its functions. Our professional team has a vast experience in desktop UI design development. We can create a compelling and easy-to-navigate user interface design for your desktop software application.

Destop Software Design

UI Animation

These are visual effects which add to the website the essence of real interaction close to what people have in real life.

There is a general idea that UI animation is unnecessary because it’s overloading user interface. But it’s not true. Well-done animation is pleasant-looking and helps to increase the conversion rate in modern apps and websites by highlighting the essential components, e.g. Buy or Register buttons. Moreover, UI animation can help with data visualization and analytics. Our UI animation design team is sure that animation must be in particular a functional element and then a décor. We may guarantee that your web app with user interface animation will become eye-pleasant and intuitive for users.

Point of Sale

POS (Point of Sale) system is a unique software niche which is rapidly evolving every day. The main idea of POS design is promotion and interaction between a customer and commerce.

The SSA Design team has a vast experience in Point of Sale design. We know that point-of-sale design is influenced by the purchasing decision. That’s why it is crucial to entrust its development to professionals. Our team can help you to create a POS design that leads your client to purchase. We are sure the design needs to look well-styled and concise to make the user experience pleasant and satisfying. We may guarantee to give you the best options for your project.

Point of Sale Design SSA

Wearable Design

The wearable design is a real challenge — you can’t just take a UI and make it as tiny as a postage stamp.

72,4 mln smartwatch units were shipped worldwide in 2018. Moreover, according to IDC, it is expected to grow to 121,1 mln in 2022. SmartWatch is an entirely new type of device with new requirements and capabilities needed to take into account if you want to benefit from the rapidly growing global wearables market. The main mistake is to make a reproduction of the smartphone UI on a tiny smartwatches display. The design for SmartWatch should be simple and understandable. The main goal is to have an easy-to-use app, helping users to interact with it and understand the message in a few seconds. SSA Design team can offer a smartwatch app design that meets Apple and Android requirements regarding user interface and interaction design patterns. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Wearable design SSA


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