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There are three questions a designer has to keep in mind: Why, What and How people use the product. The Why is about the users’ motivations, values and views on using mobile, desktop or web app. The What is about its functionality and features. Finally, the How relates to the design, accessibility and aesthetic side of a digital product. The main goal for a designer is to try to anticipate a person’s expectations and offer a more convenient design solution.

Our UX design company has been creating UX design for apps, websites, and PoS for the last 5 years and has extensive experience in wireframing, prototyping and making mockups, so we can offer you the best UX design services.


Wireframing allows determining an informational hierarchy of the design and functionality, taking into account user needs.

Wireframing is an extremely important step in creating user-friendly websites and apps. A wireframe is like an architectural blueprint that outlines the specific size and placement of page elements, site features, conversion areas, and navigation. Website wireframe design helps focus on functionality when planning the layout and interaction of an interface and not get lost in detail or get distracted by colour or font choices. We follow a user-centred approach when building websites and apps and have a vast experience in wireframe web design. Wireframing helps our UX designers see a big picture, makes it easier to spot usability issues and focus on creating a solid user experience which is crucial for keeping users loyal to the product or brand.

Wireframing SSA Design


A prototype is the sample model of the product that allows designers to test the design concepts and functionality.

Testing ideas without building them is more efficient, cheaper, and saves money over the product’s development lifecycle. That’s why UX design prototyping is an integral part of the design process that can often make or break your product. Testing UX solutions with an app or website prototype allows designers to reveal and fix the basic bugs and problems before they start working on UI tasks, saving both time and money. Our UX designers are experienced in creating high-fidelity prototypes that are better for usability testing because they are more realistic in visual design and functionality. UX prototyping lets us get user feedback about a new website or app and make improvements until we have things just right.

Prototyping SSA Design


Mockups show how the products will look like and help make final decisions about visual style, colour schemes, and typography.

Mockups fill the visual details that wireframes neglect and give the viewers a more realistic impression of what they can expect from the final products. They act as the bridges between the wireframes and prototypes. You can see the fonts, shapes, colour palette, and sometimes even content. With website design mockup, designers can experiment with the visual side of the website to see what looks best. They can ask users for feedback about the UX mockup and make the necessary improvements in product visual design. SSA Design team has extensive experience in mockup design. We can create a colourful static representation of your future app or a website to show how elements go together and our developers can make this mockup a reality.

Mockups SSA Design

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A picture's worth a thousand words. So we offer you to look at our examples in the portfolio and then discuss the details of your project

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